Condensing Timeframes

Are you struggling to find the time to work on your business? If your answer to this question is “YES”, then you just like most people who are trying to build an online business! Finding time is something that EVERYONE struggles with nowadays.

Maybe you are currently working a full time job. Maybe you have kids and a family that take up a lot of your time. Maybe you have a super long commute to work that takes up a good portion of your day. Whatever your current situation is, I am willing to bet that you struggle devoting enough time to working on your business.

In this article I just want to give you 2 pieces of advice to help you make the best use of your time throughout the day.

Organize Your Day

Those who fail to plan can plan to fail. If you don’t have a plan at the beginning of the week for what you want to get done for your business each day then it will be VERY DIFFICULT for you to be successful. You have to plan out each hour of each day. We all only have 24 hours in a day, but some of us get much more done in those 24 hours than others. I highly suggest that you start to map out your entire day and have each hour allocated to something. When you do this, you might just find some extra time when you can work on your business!

Condensing Timeframes

One of my mentors taught me the concept of “condensing timeframes”. This concept is just about finding little “lulls” in your day where you can work on your business. We are all busy, but I guarantee you are not busy every second of every hour. You might have 15 minutes here or there throughout your day where you can work on your business if you plan accordingly!

Here are a few suggestions on things you can do to help move your business forward even when your life seems too busy!

  • Take advantage of your commute time to and from work if you have a job.
    • Use this time to consume valuable information related to your business. Learning more about the industry you are in always helps your business!
    • You can also use this commute time to record a podcast or even shoot videos (if you are comfortable doing that while driving!)
  • Use your lunch break at work to work on your business a little. If you have an hour lunch break then you can just eat for 15 minutes and then spend 45 minutes on your business.
  • Devote at least 1 hour to your business at the end of the day once all the kids have gone to bed. I know you are probably exhausted, but push yourself to work at least one hour!
  • Take advantage of the weekends! This is the time when you can make the big pushes in your business because you aren’t working your regular job (if you have one). I know you likely have other things going on, but try to set aside at least 4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday to work on your business. This might mean forcing yourself to wake up earlier on the weekends!

We all know that life is super busy and crazy. However, if you can organize your day and find little pieces of time here and there to work on your business, then you will get much more done than you would think! Consistent little actions day in and day out will completely change your business over a period of time.

Just stay disciplined and keep pushing! I know you can do this 🙂

Stay Strong,


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