Just Keep Showing Up

Starting an online business can seem like an incredibly daunting task. It doesn’t matter how motivated you are, you can get overwhelmed very fast as soon as you start to think about all of the things that you have to do.

Some days you will feel great and super motivated and get a lot of good work done. However, other days you won’t feel as motivated and will seem like you took a few steps backwards in your business. Here is the key to keeping your business moving forward in the middle of all of the ups and downs…


All you have to do is plan the work that you have to do and then do it…NO MATTER WHAT! If you make things a point of necessity rather than a point of desire, you will be surprised how much more you can get accomplished.

  • You didn’t sleep well last night? Doesn’t matter…just keep showing up.
  • You had an argument with your significant other this morning? Doesn’t matter…just keep showing up.
  • You had a bad day at your full time job? Doesn’t matter…just keep showing up.
  • You’re having a great day and things seem to be going your way? That’s great! Keep showing up.

If you can develop that “no matter what” mentality, then your life and business will completely change…and it will happen faster than you think. The only thing that overpowers motivation is consistency. Even if you aren’t feeling very motivated, just keep showing up and being consistent and I promise the motivation will come back.

You got this! Keep pushing. Keep grinding. Keep moving the needle forward. And JUST KEEP SHOWING UP!

Stay Strong,


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