3 Lies the “Experts” Tell You

The internet is full of so called “experts” who offer training programs for making money online and guarantee instant success. I am sure you have experienced these people at some point when scrolling through social media. They pop up with their ads and make ridiculous claims that aren’t possible and make promises that they can’t keep. In this article, I am going to discuss 3 lies that you must ignore anytime you come across them!

Lie #1: You Can Start an Online Business With No Money

A lot of experts will make the claim that because a business is online that it costs $0 to get started. They will tell people that as long as they have a laptop and a wifi connection then they can get their online business going right away. Now it is true that an online business costs a lot less than a traditional business, but you will still have to pay some money to get the business off the ground.

There are two main costs that are associated with an online business.  The first is the cost of training programs to learn the business model that you are going after. If you are going to have a successful online business then you have to make sure you have the right training to ensure you set the business up the right way. You also might need some training on online marketing  to help drive more leads to your business.

The second cost associated with online business is going to be the tools. Depending on which online business model you are interested in you will need to pay for various tools to help your business keep running smoothly. In an affiliate marketing business for example you will need a funnel builder, an email autoresponder, and a tracking software. Without these tools it will be impossible to scale your business.

Don’t listen to any “expert” who says that you can start an online business with no money. There will always be a cost if you want to learn the right skills and have the right tools to help your business be successful. However, with that being said an online business is still MUCH cheaper to get started than a traditional business. A small investment to get your business started can give you huge returns later on down the road if you run your business the right way!

Lie #2: You Can Start Making Money Online Immediately with No Experience

These “experts” will also promise you overnight success with little to no experience. Common sense should tell you that this is not possible, but a lot of people get sucked into these programs because the believe they can get rich overnight. There are very few things in life that give you large sums of money overnight. If you want to make money this way then I advise you go buy a lottery ticket or get a large inheritance!

The truth is that creating a successful online business takes time. It is a middle to long term game. It is not a short term game. However, the beauty of online business is that most of the work can be automated if you set it up properly. There will be a lot of work at the beginning to get everything set up, but once everything is automated it is just a matter of time before you start generating profit. Once you get to this point, then you can truly “make money while you sleep”.

While there is potential to make a lot of money with an online business, it will NOT happen overnight, no matter what the “experts” tell you.  An online business is a marathon. It is not a sprint. However, I promise that if you take the time to set your business up the right way then your future will be set! Stay disciplined and put in the work now, and you will be rewarded later! It is like Dave Ramsey says…”Live like nobody else so that one day you can live like nobody else.”

Lie #3: If You Bombard People with Enough Ads You Will Start Making Sales

A lot of “experts” out there teach you to just send as many ads as possible to as many people as possible and you will start to make tons of sales. They will tell you that online marketing is a “volume” game. The more ads you send to people the more likely you are to make a sale. This philosophy is extremely popular in the online marketing industry, and this is the very reason why so many people fail when they try to start an online business.

I believe that online marketing is a “value” game instead of a “volume” game. Providing value to your potential customers is much more important than bombarding as many people as you can with as many ads as you can. The secret to having a successful online business is to build a relationship with your potential customer. You have to get them to know, like, and trust you before you try to make a sale. If you can gain their trust first, then they are much more likely to buy from you later on down the road.

Online marketing is all about conversions. You can just keep sending ad after ad to your potential customers, but if you are not converting your leads into sales then you are just spinning your wheels. Adding value first goes a long way with people, and I promise if you start implementing this strategy into your business you will start getting much higher conversions!

These are the 3 main lies that I hear told when it comes to making money online. People will tell you anything you want to hear just to make a sale. It’s just the sad reality that we live in today, and it is something we are going to have to watch out for.

I really hope you learned something and got some value from this article! Pay attention to what people tell you and do your research before buying anything from them. Just remember…if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is…

Stay Strong,

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